To us sustainability is self-evident

Sustainability is truly in the heart of our business. We want to create neighbourhoods that are not only environmentally and economically sustainable, but also safe and nice to live in. And we always do it in close dialogue with our customers

As a housing company we have an important part to play in a sustainable society. By building space-smart rental and tenant-owned apartments we create neighbourhoods with greater variety, where many people can afford to live. By placing ambitious environmental demands on our building processes and by working systematically we take responsibility for long-term sustainability. And by taking social responsibility we contribute to improved integration and safety for our tenants. Only then can we live up to our customer promise: On fair terms.

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Customer satisfaction

We want to know what our customers think of us. And we always strive to improve in the minds of others. But we also consider our customers as important partners in our development projects and product tests.

Social responsibility

As a housing company we have an important part to play in our society. We want to act as a good citizen and contribute to justice, integration and a good life to all people.

Safe neighbourhoods

Comfort and safety should be self-evident for all our tenants. Through an active management of our housing areas we want to work for a safe and secure living environment for all.

Sustainable building

Environmental awareness and energy saving is a natural part of our business. We also want to make it possible for our customers to live sustainably themselves, with smart solutions and space effective homes.

I want sustainability to be so natural that we don't even need to talk about it. It is a natural part of how we work, how we do business, and how we manage our apartments and our heritage.
Robert Jaaniste, CEO, Ikano Bostad

Our visionary sustainability goal

  • No exclusion
  • Best value for money
  • Fossil-free operations
  • No hazardous substances

With customer satisfaction in mind

To make sure that our customers are satisfied is of highest priority to us. Through our customer surveys we find out what we do well – and where we need to improve. But we don't stop there. In our innovation program BoLabb we create homes for the future in close cooperation with our customers.

Just like many in the industry we measure CSI (customer satisfaction index) to investigate how satisfied our customers are, with us and our housing. All new owners in our tenant-owned properties are offered to participate in the CSI survey two months after moving in. We also perform annual surveys with tenants in our rental apartments. In addition, we make home visits with customers in all our tenant owned apartment projects. That gives us a deeper understanding of what life is really like in an Ikano home.

Into the future – with the help of our customers

BoLabb is our innovation program for future living. The purpose is to get an increased understanding of people's needs and find concrete solutions that will make everyday life easier. In this work our customers have a very important part to play too. One example is our specially equipped test apartment in Kirseberg where some of our tenants spent a few weeks and evaluated our new flexible home solutions.

A good citizen

As a housing company we have a big economic impact on the local community where we build, own, and manage property. We want to contribute to the prevention of unemployment, criminality, and social exclusion in our housing areas. And we are happy to cooperate with others in our work with social responsibility – for individuals and the society.

Our responsibility reaches far beyond individual apartments. An important part of our work is to create dynamic neighbourhoods with both rental and tenant-owned homes – and to build space-efficient apartments that many can afford. We also want to reduce social problems where we are present, by for example offering summer jobs and by starting social initiatives in our areas.

Social projects and partners

Together we stand stronger. Therefore we cooperate with organisations, municipalities and other property owners to reach out and impact the development of our society. One example is that we, together with our sister company Ikano Bank, have started cooperation with Rädda Barnen (Save the Children). In the project På Lika Villkor (On Equal Terms) we work to prevent child poverty and discrimination of children in socially challenged areas.

Working together for a safe living environment

A safe and secure living environment is important for our customers. That is why we work continuously with improving the possibilities for our tenants to feel safe, not only in their own homes, but in the entire neighbourhood. Open areas with life and movement many hours of the day, neighbourly cooperation, and a well thought-out outdoor environment are some ways to achieve that.

When building new residential areas the safety and comfort of our tenants is a top priority for us. One way might be to plan for the use of ground floor spaces, to create meeting areas and activity during many hours of the day. As well as opening up for views in and out of the courtyards. But safety is also about getting to know your neighbours. A flea market, picnic, and joint gardening projects are some examples of activities arranged in our areas

Sustainable homes for as many people as possible

A house affects the environment during its entire life cycle, from planning to demolition. Therefore it is important for us to be responsible and always look to the long view. We strive to reduce energy consumption and negative effects from hazardous material and chemicals. We also want to contribute to effective use of resources through space-efficient apartments that many can afford.

A fossil- and hazardous substance-free operation is an important part of our visionary sustainability goals. We set tough energy and environmental goals for ourselves, and do our outmost to live up to them. We conduct energy audits in our properties and take energy saving measures, like modern control systems and geothermal heating. In our new production we always comply to the requirements of the Green Building Silver certification in order to create environmentally sustainable buildings.

Help for sustainable living

I addition to building in a sustainable way, we strive to give our customers the opportunity to live sustainable themselves. Energy campaigns in laundry rooms, spaces for gardening and bicycle pools are some examples. In addition, we always work to develop space effective solutions that will reduce the energy consumption per person.

Our values

Three basic values guide all activities at Ikano Bostad: daring to be different, working together, and let common sense and simplicity lead your way. These values help us deliver on our overall customer promise: on fair terms.