Our goal is to provide quality housing for many people, security for our residents, and trust on all levels by acting with long-term perspective. We focus on areas where we can be part of creating a positive future for people in all stages of life.

Robert Jaaniste, CEO Ikano Bostad


To create possibilities for better living.

Business idea

Together we create solutions, based on fair terms and simplicity that bring value to our customers. We do this by developing and managing companies within financial services, insurance, real estate and retail.


Ikano Bostads strategy is to own, develop, and construct tenant owned and rental apartments in Stockholm, Uppsala, Västerås, Göteborg, the Öresund region, and in growing regional cities in Sweden. Well-designed, functional, and affordable homes for people in all stages of life.
We will be valuable to our customers by understanding their needs and developing solutions that improve their everyday life.


Ikano Bostad is a long-term owner and developer of property. Ikano Bostad is a part of Business Area Real Estate, one of the four that make up Ikano. We are active in the growth regions Stockholm, Mälardalen and Öresund.


Robert Jaaniste

Pirjo Unnerstad
HR Manager

Roger Johansson 


Susanna Widaeus
Business Development Manager

Tomas Jonson
Head of Marketing and Communication

Christian Mariager
Property Manager

Fredrik Anheim
Production Manager

Christian Dahlman
Head of Residential Development